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Integrating with WHOOP

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WHOOP is a wearable human performance tracker worn on the wrist. It tracks recovery, strain and sleep by measuring heart rate and physiological markers. WHOOP connects to an app on a smartphone to keep the user updated by letting them know the percentage of strain they have accumulated throughout the day, the intensity of a workout, calories burned and how much sleep they will need to feel rested. It also lets you know when you are primed to perform and gives recommendations for strain score for the day to help avoid injury and to allow the athlete to peak on a particular day.

Getting Started

If you would like to setup WHOOP API on your Kinduct site, please contact your WHOOP representative, who can provide you with your "Client ID" and "Client Secret" information.

Once you have obtained your "Client ID" and "Client Secret" information from WHOOP,  you can then set up your API connection with WHOOP from the API Integrations page on your Kinduct site. 

Creating the Integration


From the Create Integration page, select WHOOP in the Integration drop-down and then enter your WHOOP credential information that was provided to you. 

NOTE: Click Validate Credentials to test and verify the connection.


If the credentials work as expected then you will be able to save your Integration settings by clicking the green Submit button, you will then be returned to the main Integrations page, where you'll see your new Integration in the table. Select Pull Now from the menu - this is where the data actually gets pulled from the vendor site into your Kinduct platform.



The default button pulls data for the previous 24 hours, or you can select a custom date range using the date picker.
NOTE: The date picker only allows a maximum of 28 days when determining a range.


Once you're happy with the date range, click the Import Data button to begin the data pull. You'll be redirected to the log page for your Integration and see spinning cogs next to the date. This indicates that the Integration is busy pulling the data and processing it in the Kinduct platform.


The following key metrics from WHOOP will be available in reporting to help you evaluate strain and recovery on an athletes body:

  • Day Strain
  • Recovery
  • Sleep Performance
  • Hours of Sleep
  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Workouts

Survey results from the athlete are also available as a metric in reporting. 





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