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Managing Locked Accounts

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As a System Administrator, you have the ability to monitor and control locked/unlocked accounts from the Members page.

The icon in the STATUS column indicates whether a user account is locked or not.

Locked_Account_Status_Icon.png      Valid_Account_Status_Icon.png

Use the ACTIONS drop-down menu to manually Lock or Unlock Selected Accounts. 


NOTEThe account locked state is based on “Last Login Date”. Our system runs a check for this information daily. Therefore, any user account that has been “unlocked” and the user still has not logged into the platform before the next check (daily at midnight), the account will get locked again. TIP: Ensure that if managing accounts of inactive users, you unlock the user account at a time when you know the user is ready to log in before midnight the same day, otherwise the account will get locked again.

Confirmation Message of Locked Account(s) from Members page:


 The User Profile page includes the "Account Locked" field where you can set an account to "Locked" or "Unlocked" as well or simply see the status of the user account:


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