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New: Faster Data Updates!

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We are very excited to share our latest enhancements with you! These last several weeks of maintenance windows and updates have all been working towards getting you access to your data faster.

With our latest release, we completed a major overhaul of how data is handled in our system. With these changes you will see vast improvements to the speed at which your data is updated. Data refresh times that used to take 15 to 20 minutes are now taking seconds!

In many cases, you won’t see the refresh icon spinning while data is updating because data is available in reporting almost immediately. Also, you no longer have to click “Apply Changes” to see your data in reporting whenever you create or edit a calculated metric, the refresh process is automatically triggered and your data from the calculated metric is available in reporting right away.

NOTE: A Calculated Metric with the Rolling function (more complex) takes longer to process and does not immediately appear in reporting as calculations with other functions do.

We are working through some minor issues and monitoring all sites, but overall, a successful launch for a much needed under-the-hood rebuild of our data processing functionality!

Thank you for your patience as we strive to do better - we know that getting data into your site in a timely manner has been a major pain point. These changes will allow us to continue building a better, more efficient environment and experience for you. 


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