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Release Notes 2018-05-30

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We are happy to introduce our new API Integration functionality with our latest release! Please see this article for all of the details.

Also with this release we have made several data visualization enhancements in dynamic reporting. Here is an overview:

Moving and resizing columns in a table: You now have the ability to reorder and resize your metric columns after you have selected your metrics and saved the table widget in your report. This feature allows you to select your metrics and then adjust the order of columns or size that you want in the table to better visualize your data.

* A column can be resized or grabbed to move from the header section only.

Additional fields are always placed on the left side of the metric columns after date and name column no matter when they are selected. The date, name and additional field columns cannot be moved.

Note: There is a known issue with the sort/filter functionality when exporting to PDF. If you sort a column, move the column, and then export to PDF, the data does not display as the browser view. However, it functions correctly when moving a column and then sorting once you have set the column location. The workaround and workflow is to move your columns first and once you have all of them set to your desired location, sort your data and then export to PDF. 

Metric selection and column order: We have changed the order that metrics are added to a table - metric columns are now loaded to the right as they are selected; e.g. If metric selection is: A first, B second, and C third, this selection order results in column order: A, B, C from left to right and of course now with the ability to reorder these columns once you click 'Create Widget'.  

New Secondary Y-Axis: We have added a new setting for the Chart widget that allows you to add a secondary y-axis. You can then specify what metric uses which y-axis (primary or secondary). This feature allows you to view multiple metrics within a chart that differ significantly in value size and display on a different axis. For example, you might want to display Pitches Thrown in Game (100), Warmup Pitches (50), and Strikeout Ratio (0.5) on the same chart. The two pitches metrics are going to be on the same scale, however the Strikeout Ratio metric will not be. In this example, it is helpful to display the Strikeout Ratio on the secondary y-axis and the pitches on the primary y-axis.

Previous saved reports will support this new enhancement.

New "Add Secondary Y-Axis" option:


New settings icon to select y-axis (primary or secondary) for each metric:



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