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Release Notes 2018-03-13

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Our latest release introduces the Most Recent Metrics feature when working with tables in dynamic reporting. With a table, you now have the ability to view the most recent value for your selected metrics and athletes within the specified time frame. 

What's New?

  • A Most Recent Metrics icon in the table header to toggle most recent metrics ON or OFF. Once a table widget is saved and you are viewing the report, use this icon to turn most recent metrics on to then view only the most recent value for each selected player and metric. Toggling most recent metric OFF will display all selected players, metrics and dates in the table view as usual. NOTE: The date column is removed when most recent metric is ON.

  • Toggle button in Table Settings to select yes or no for Use most recent metrics
    • No: Existing functionality
    • Yes: Displays the Number of values slider to let you select the number of most recent values to display. You can select to show up to the most recent 20 values of your selected metrics.
    • Once saved, the table will display the most X recent metrics as selected. The most recent metrics icon can then be used when previewing the table.
    • Suffix: You can add a suffix to display after metric name and before the increment value (based on most recent X selected of 1-20).

When exporting to PDF or Excel, the report must be saved at least once for the below to apply:

  • Once the report is saved or opened, the PDF will show what you see in the existing report.
  • If widgets are edited and saved, the PDF will reflect these changes.
  • If a table widget is edited but not saved, it will show last known table configuration.
  • The same rules apply when exporting “tables to excel” and Export individual table widget to .csv or excel.  

NOTE: There is a Known Limitation that affects certain tablets (iPad & Surface Pro). In situations where a Table widget has a large number of metrics and the table view exceeds the screen/page width, the scroll function does not work. The following workaround can be used for those working with tables on an iPad or Surface Pro: 

  • Scrolling will work when you expand to fullscreen (icon in upper right of table). 
  • Scrolling functions when in preview modal.

This known limitation affects ALL tables, not just when “most recent x” is turned on. We are actively working on a fix for this bug.

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