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Release Notes 2018-02-06

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Here are a few highlights with this latest release:


Date column added to form notifications log: For clients with Form Builder, we have added a date column to the Form Notifications Log. The date that a one time notification is scheduled for or was sent and the date that an immediate notification was sent is now included in the Form Notifications Log. This additional information will help you keep better track of all your scheduled notifications, especially for multiple notifications for the same form. NOTE: The date is not shown for recurring notifications.

Date range in reporting: We added a tooltip anywhere date range is shown. When you hover over the date range, a tooltip now indicates the specific dates (start and end) for your selected date range.


Calculated metric element in Form Builder: When a calculated metric element is included in a form, the "Display Field" toggle option is set to YES by default instead of NO as previous. This small modification is to provide consistency with all other form elements that are set to display by default, the most common option - eliminating the extra step and having to remember to change "Display Field" option.  


Form Builder notifications: We fixed an issue where in certain instances, when the scheduled time is manually entered as a time other than 15 minute increments using the time selector (e.g. 9:53 am), recurring and one-time notifications would not send. We have disabled the ability to manually enter a notification time (time is greyed out). The time selector must be used to enter a time in 15 minute increments for Set Notification Time field.

Notification links for deleted forms: Notification links that belong to forms that have been deleted are now displaying an invalid link message and the form is no longer accessible. Previously, notification links for deleted forms would still open and a user was able to submit responses. 

Form access: We fixed an issue where access could not be revoked from a Form for an individual user if they were granted access through the group tab AND the user has a role other than athlete. As a result of this fix, we have created a new group category, "Uncategorized People" in the user tab of the Form Access player picker for users who have been granted Form Access but do not have the Team or League field filled on their profile. 

Form Builder questions: For users filling out forms, we have fixed an issue where multiple choice and drop-down answers could not be changed (de-selected) once a response was entered.


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