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Adding Multiple Members with File Import

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You can add members to your site either one at a time or by bulk. The member import tool allows you to add multiple members in a batch using a provided Excel template. All profile information for each member can be entered into the template to then upload into your Kinduct platform.

NOTE: The member import file is by Organization or Team. If you want to have athletes in different organizations or teams, you will need to create and upload a separate member import file for each organization or team.

Step 1: Go to the Member Import Page

To add members using the bulk import tool, first click the Admin tab, expand User Management and select Members.


From the Members page, click the Member Import button.


Step 2: Download the Member Import Template

Click Download The Template link to download the template file to your local computer’s drive.


Step 3: Enter New Member Information in the Excel Template

Open the Excel file and follow the instructions included in the file. Enter new member profile information on each line. This import method requires you to upload one Team/Organization at a time. You will have to download, populate, and upload a separate file for each organization or team.


  • Perform a Save As... and give the file a unique file name. The file must be saved as an .xlsx file.
  • Save often!
  • Ensure to enter the required fields for each member. The required fields are First Name, Last Name, Role, Email & Position.
  • Roles and Positions must correspond to roles and positions that are already created in your platform prior to importing. 

Step 4: Import the Member File

Select the organization or team that you want the members to be imported to using the Import to drop-down list. If configured, select a League within your organization. Select a Timezone
and then choose the file to import by clicking Choose File. Find the correct file for the selected organization on your local computer and then click the Import File button to begin the import process.

NOTE: You can select to "Send an invite to all new members on import" by enabling the checkbox. This will send an email invitation to each member listed in the file. 



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