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Release Notes 2018-01-23

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Overall Score as a metric: We have implemented the scoring system as a metric! The Overall Score that is generated from a scoring system is now recorded as a metric. This enhancement allows you to select your created scoring system as a metric for reporting. These new metrics are found under "Scoring" as the source. NOTE: If you modify your scoring system, a segment is created for that metric with the date and time stamp. This allows you to accurately report on your previous scoring system and your new scoring system.   

Example of scoring system metrics under Scoring source: 


Chart colours in individual reports: When creating and viewing individual user reports, the colours you define for a metric or multiple metrics are now remembered. When you switch to view other athletes in a saved individual report, the selected metric colours remain. Anytime you view the report, the defined metric colours are remembered. When you export the report to PDF and select multiple athletes, the PDF print displays all metrics in the same defined colours for all athletes. Keeping the defined colour for the metrics each time the report is viewed or printed, no matter which athlete is selected, provides consistency and improves readability when comparing the same metric across multiple athletes.

Have a look at the demo video:

New integration with ForceDecks: We have implemented integration capabilities with ForceDecks dual platforms. You can now import your ForceDecks data into your site to view and report on all of your ForceDeck data. Please see integrating with ForceDecks for details.

Data export: When exporting data from your site, you now have the ability to select fields to filter your data. You can select multiple values in each of the following parameters:

  • Position
  • Organization
  • Team / League
  • Metric Source 
  • Segments 
  • Users

Updated Data Export page with selectable fields to filter data. 



Data import with Contemplas: We have fixed an issue with imported Contemplas data where the imported jump data for each jump was not displaying correctly. The data is now segmented accurately for each jump that an athlete performs. Previously, some segments were repeating and others were stringing together.

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