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How do I configure a journal?

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Journal entries are configured by Client Success Managers. As a client, you can provide us with the journal questions and we will configure the journal to meet your expectations.

Typically the Journal questions are determined when the client first begins using the Kinduct platform. Simply adding or removing questions from the Journal questionnaire can be done by contacting a Client Success Manager or

Any edits to the journal may not always work when attempting to rescale. For example if your Journal answers were a range from 0-10 and are now 1-5, the old values; 0 and 6-10 would still remain when reporting on them.

We suggest that before changing a journal that you export this data to an .xls spread sheet and then we would configure the journal. If the information does not update correctly then you can re-import and correct the journal data using .xls after converting to new scale. A Client Success Manager can assist in this endeavour.

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