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InBody Body Composition analyzers use an 8-Point Tactile Electrode System that is equipped with multiple frequencies to accurately calculate a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). It evaluates the body as five “cylinders”, legs, arms and trunk, and gives an analysis of the body as a whole, without using empirical estimations. The freestanding unit is made up of a scale, foot and hand electrodes and a touchscreen dashboard to input data. Outputs of the system include weight, total body water, dry lean mass, body fat mass, body mass index, percent body fat and basal metabolic rate. Helps to monitor changes in the body due to lifestyles changes such as dietary adjustments or fitness routines.
InStride is a mobile app that uses the accelerometer built into smartphones to track walking patterns. It monitors symmetry, uniformity, efficiency and speed of a patient's walking pattern and also tracks number of steps. The smartphone used has to be secured to the lower back and the app audibly gives direction for the user to walk a set distance. The data is tracked and the results are used to display personal progression. The purpose of this is to allow patients and their clinical care team to monitor changes in gait to help to with recovery.
GymAware is a tool used for measuring performance in the weight room. It is comprised of the GymAware PowerTool and an app that can be downloaded on any device that runs on iOS.The GymAware PowerTool is a Linear Position Transducer (LPT) that attaches to weights or your body and uses the video camera on the connected iOS device to give real-time feedback on lift technique and overall performance. It detects positional accuracy, angle of lift, repetitions and measures velocity, power and a range of other parameters. Results are analyzed with GymAware Cloud to calculate summary reports. The system is wireless and portable and weighs about 2 lbs.
Push Vital is a readiness assessment tool used for athletes to help quantify fatigue. The free standing device is equipped with a scale, HRV measuring device and a touchscreen dashboard. The system takes measurements and requires a short survey to calculate results, which is all completed in about 4 minutes. PUSH has also integrated with the player tracking system Zebra to allow a 360° view of the athlete and to provide details of performance on their dashboard. A mobile app is available so athletes can complete assessments while away. The assessments created can be shared among coaches and staff, and can be accessed by the athlete as well.
PUSH Band is worn on the forearm and pairs with iOS devices to assess performance in the weightroom. PUSH Band measures velocity, power, and total work. These metrics are used to calculate submaximal one-rep max, elastic explosive strength and level of fatigue. The band can also be worn around the waist to and used to measure jump height. With the velocity measure, Velocity Based Training (VBT) can be utilized to reduce risk of injury by recommending the appropriate load. The data obtained is automatically saved to an individual profile to track results online or through an iOS device. The results can be shared with coaches and other staff through the PUSH portal.
Diamond Kinetics Swingtracker is a baseball and softball swing measuring device. The sensor mounts on the bottom of virtually any bat and pairs with iOS devices. 11 swing metrics are calculated based on swing, power, quickness and control. 3D rendering is used to display swing plane and path of the bat to analyze the the swing, or to compare side-by-side with another swing. Determined results can be compared with age and skill benchmarks, and can be used to approximate damage potential. Sharing results with coaches or others can be done through the app.

Major League Baseball Advanced Media is a full service solutions provider who deliver content through all forms of interactive media. They have a unique position as both content rights holder and technology provider of the MLB. MLBAM uses statcast which collects data using high resolution optical cameras and radar equipment that has been installed in 30 Major League

PhysiMax is a functional movement assessment tool used to objectively score athletes by assessing their movements while performing simple dynamic sequences. It uses a camera to capture athletes movements and motion patterns to help identify susceptible muscle-groups of non-contact injury. It is cloud based and and completes a full body dynamic movement analysis in real time. The device is portable and the tests do not require the use of special suits or backdrops, requiring less time than regular FMS. These tests quantify athletes’ musculoskeletal condition though criteria such as symmetry, dynamic range of motion, motor control, stability and endurance to help with training and therapy planning.
NordBord is a hamstring testing system, that can test both eccentric and isometric hamstring strength and between-limb imbalance strength. It is comprised of the NordBord testing device and the ScoreBord app that can be downloaded on a mobile device to capture results. The test takes about 30 seconds and users can view their results in real time while they are getting tested. Results are tracked to screen, monitor, train and rehab hamstring strength.

Nudge Coach is a client management platform made for coaches and trainers to engage with their clients in between sessions. It allows users track fitness and wellness information such as hydration, nutrition, sleep and activity. Based off the information being recorded, it generates a ‘Nudge Score’ which is an overall wellness score that the admin can see at all time. It can pull data from Fitbit, Fitbug, Garmin, InBody, iHealth, Jawbone, MapMyFitness, Misfit, Movable, Mover Runkeeper, Strava and Withings, and can display this information on its dashboard. It also contains a messaging tool that gives trainers/coaches the ability to contact their clients whenever they aren’t training, to increase retention. By keeping track of how long it has been since a trainer has had contact with each client, and by displaying low nudge scores, it also notifies the trainer when they should reach out.



WHOOP is a wearable human performance tracker worn on the wrist. It tracks recovery, strain and sleep by measuring heart rate and physiological markers. WHOOP connects to an app on a smartphone to keep the user updated by letting them know the percentage of strain they have accumulated throughout the day, the intensity of a workout, calories burned and how much sleep they will need to feel rested. It also lets you know when you are primed to perform and gives recommendations for strain score for the day to help avoid injury and to allow the athlete to peak on a particular day.


DorsaVi’s ViPerform™ is a wearable wireless motion and muscle sensor system that attaches to the user to monitor how they move in real time. It has four assessment modules; Running, Knee, Hamstring and Functional, and measures metrics such as leg symmetry, average ground reaction time (left and right leg), average peak acceleration, tibial inclination, active and passive range of motion and quality of movement. It can be synced with HD video to produce real time.






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