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Log Workouts for Multiple Athletes

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The Multi Logging option provides a coach/trainer the ability to view and log workouts for multiple athletes on the same screen, at the same time. This feature is useful in a gym setting where multiple athletes are working out at the same time and want to view and log their workouts on a single device (tablet/laptop). The purpose of Multi Logging is to take the logging functionality athletes are already used to and present it in a way that allows for multiple athletes to view and log workouts at the same time. It can also be used to bring up multiple workouts on a screen inside a weight room for display purposes.

To log workout for multiple athletes:

1. Click TRAIN and select MULTI LOGGING.

NOTE: You can also click the MULTI LOGGING button from the Training Programs screen to open a Multi Logging view.

2. Click Select Users from the Multi Logging Session View.


3. Click the check boxes next to the desired users for your multi logging session and then click SAVE


The logs are loaded for the athletes that were selected for the multi logging session. The selected athletes display alphabetically and the header of each athletes's log displays their jersey number, today's date (default), and the first section of the workout (i.e. Warm Up, Full Body Strength, Cool Down).

NOTE: You may not see all of the athletes at once, you can scroll down to see the remaining players (max 24).Multi_Logging_Session.jpg

4. Use the arrows next to the date if you want to navigate to a different day for an athlete. You can also expand or collapse workout sections.

5. Click the REORDER LOGS button to change the order of the athletes in the log view. Drag and drop the names to the desired order and then click SAVE.


8. Click the red circle next to an exercise to mark an individual exercise as complete or click the grey circle next to a section header to mark all exercises in section as complete at once. The icon will become green when completed.

You can also click the red circle next to Mark Workout as Complete to mark the entire workout as complete. This option will display a warning message confirming workout completion. Ensure to click Complete all exercises checkbox and then click YES to confirm and save workout or click NO to return to logging screen to mark individual exercises complete. 


9. Enter Rate of Perceived Exertion and workout Duration (min.) for each athlete to obtain the RPE Load calculation automatically.

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