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Body Soreness Mapping

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Body Soreness Mapping is part of a periodic journal entry. The body map allows athletes to specify exactly where the soreness is and the level of severity for that body part.

NOTE: The "journal" permission needs to be on in order to view the quick reports.

To access the Body Soreness Mapping:

1. Click the Collect tab and select Journals


2. Click on a body part to indicate soreness. 

Note:  The Front and Back graphic at the top allows you toggle between the front and back view of the Body Map. The circled numbers indicate the number of body parts selected that indicate pain.


Once a body part is selected, a pop-up window displays including the name of the body part along with a soreness scale (0-10) (defaulted to the overall level of soreness provided in the journal) and a pain Yes / No toggle (default is No).

3. Edit the soreness scale and / or choose pain and then click Save to close the window, returning to the body map view. The selected body part will be highlighted in the corresponding colour to the level of soreness on the scale. 

4. If the wrong body part was selected, click the body part to de-select it. If you need to de-select a body part after it has previously been saved: click  remove body part in the pop-up window. This button is only displayed on saved body parts. The corresponding colour highlight will return to default (no colour) after de-selection.

NOTE: Use the scroll bar along the bottom of the body map to zoom in and out of the diagram.

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