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Create a Monitoring Template

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1. Click the Collect tab and select Monitoring.


2. Once you are in the Monitoring Logs section, click Manage Templates.

3. Once you are in the Manage Templates screen, click Create Template. 

The New Template screen displays:Monitoring_New_Template.jpg

4. Enter a Template Name and Description.

5. Click Select Metric to select from list of existing metrics or click + ADD to add a new custom metric.

Note: You can manage (edit and delete your custom metrics by selecting manage:

6. For this example, we are going to create a Monitoring Template called Hydration Status, this will determine Total Fluid Loss, Dehydration Percentage and Hydration Variance. Our template will be using two custom metrics; Weigh In and Weigh Out.

7. The next step would to select show next to Calculated Fields.

The calculated field builder provides you with the ability to create mathematical equations using a combination of metrics, functions (add, subtract, divide, multiply, average, difference) and numbers. Each entry in the builder is composed of a token that represents a single component of your equation.

As you begin typing in the formula field, the builder will show a dropdown menu with suggestions based on the previous token entered. To select a token from the dropdown you can either hit the tab key, the enter key, or the space bar. Additionally, you can click on the dropdown selection with your mouse to enter the token into the formula field.

Note that any metrics you select for your calculated field must first be added to the Template section above.To do this you can either select from the current list of metrics using the dropdown menu or you can create a new metric using the add button.

The following functions are available for you to use in your calculated fields: age, avg, cube, diff, max, min, pow, previous, round, square, sum

8. Next, click Add Calculated Field. The following appears:

Begin typing the metrics you have chosen for this template (e.g. Weigh In, Weigh Out), notice that as soon as you start typing, relevant metrics appears in a drop down below the field. When you have completed your calculated field, select Add Calculated Field to add additional fields:

Below is an example of the Hydration Status template, which include Total Fluid Loss (lbs), Dehydration %, and the members Hydration Variance. The Dehydration % uses a formula to determine what percentage of weight is loss. The Hydration Variance uses the difference function. This references the previous day in which this metric was calculated. For this example it takes the members "Weigh In" amount from day and subtracts in from the Weigh In amount from yesterday or the previous day in which Weigh In was used:

When you are done your creating your template, click Save Template.

The following message will appear: 








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