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Entering a Medical Log in Users Profile

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To log an injury:

Go to the Medical tab of the players profile and click Add Entry.

At the top left of the medical tab is a drop down labeled "Restricted"; you can restrict which roles can and cannot see this medical information. You can toggle view/editing access to Administrators, Data Analysts, Coaches, as well as Strength and Conditioning Staff, for example.

Under the Conditions section, the first field Primary Condition will 'auto populate' based off key words you begin entering into the field:

The additional three fields, side, body part, and type each have individual drop downs to select from:

You can add additional conditions that have occurred simultaneously by selecting Add Condition:

Note: You can drag and drop the order of the additional conditions by selecting theicon.

Under the Key Injury Information there are 14 fields for you to detail the overall injury status:

1. Injury Status: i.e. Open, Ongoing, Under Review, Closed
2. Onset: i.e. Acute, Chronic, Insidious, Overuse'
3. Referred to: i.e. GP, Specialist, Surgeon (you can additional tags to this field)
4. Injury Occurence Date
5. Return To Practice Date
6: Injury Log Close Date
7. No. Of Practices Missed: The number of practices an athlete missed due to this condition
8. Severity: i.e. Minor, Moderate, Severe, Critcal
9. Incident Information: i.e. Away or Home
10. Special Testing: i.e. CT Scan, MRI
11. Rehab Start Date
12. Return To Game Date
13. No. (#) Of Games Missed
14. No. (#) Of Working Days Missed

Under the Treatment Information section, you can add the Practitioner, Treatment Date and select a Treatment from our collection which includes CPT Code and information. When you are done, select the Include Treatment button. The treatment will appear in a table within this section:

Under the Surgeries section, you can add the Practitioner, Surgery Date and the type of Surgery, when you are done, select the Include Surgery button. The surgery will appear in a table within this section:

Under the Notes section you can add any number of notes, when you are done, select Add Note. The note will appear in a table within this section:

When you are done adding the information into the Injury Log, scroll back to the top of the page and select:

Printing the Injury Log

Under the Medical Tab in the Player Profile, select the  view icon under the action column:

Select the print icon:

A pop-up will appear allowing you to select individual sections of the injury log for printing:


Edit, View and Delete Injury Log Entries

Edit/Update Injury log:
1. Locate injury and click  on the right.

2. Make any changes.

3. Click save.

View Injury log:
1. Locate injury and click  on the right.

2. Click on section headers to expand and collapse them.

3. Click close.

Delete Injury log:
1. Locate the injury log and click  on the right.

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