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Add and Edit Exercises in the Exercise Library

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Administrators have the ability to change the name and description of any exercise in the Exercise Library. Remember: Any change is global to the site. 

Edit an Existing Exercise

  1. Click the TRAIN tab and then select EXERCISE LIBRARY.
  2. Open the desired exercise and click Edit under the exercise title.
  3. Select UPDATE TITLE or UPDATE DESCRIPTION and enter the new title or description.

If you are editing an existing exercise provided by Kinduct, you have the option to return to the original name and description by selecting Use Master Title and Use Master Description. These options become available once a change has been entered.

Add a New Exercise

  1. Click ADD EXERCISE from the exercise library screen.
  2. Complete the information in the Add An Exercise dialog and click SAVE.

NOTE: You can select Text, Video or Image media type. Select source for video - the source can be uploaded directly from your computer or a YouTube link can be added.


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