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Metrics Management

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The Metrics Management page provides an interface to manage collected data. 


Label - This indicates the name of the metric as it appears in reporting, scoring and alerts. Click on the metric to change the label. This feature allows you to link similar metrics together under the same name, such as when body weight data is titled differently but they all represent the same data (e.g. Body Weight, Weight, Weight (lbs) & Weigh In (lb)). This also allows you to separate values that have been named the same but might represent different information (like separating two metrics titled “Load” into more specific metrics “Practice Load” and “Game Load”).

Metric - This is the original name of the metric, regardless of source (ATP, FMS Screening, Journals, or Custom Imports).

Source - This is the source name (e.g. Monitoring, Custom Imports like Catapult or Sportvu.)

Scaling - This option allows you to normalize values on a scale of 1-5. Enabling this option allows you to manually set the scale or have it dynamically set based on the minimum and maximum value collected. These criteria can be set either site-wide or on an individual-by-individual basis. The end result is the creation of a new metric in Reporting which would be “Metric Name - Scaled”. For best results, leave minimum and maximum settings as they are defaulted. Choose who you are setting the scale for (select an individual or EVERYONE). 


Precision - The precision indicates the number of digits following the decimal point of a numeric value. Click the value to edit, options range from -3 to 5. The default is 2.

Access - Select which roles you want to have access to a metric (Everyone, Athlete, Coach, Sys Admin). 

Actions - This area provides buttons to edit, delete or copy metrics that you have permission to. You can also choose to show or hide a metric, for everyone or self. This allows you to hide metrics either for yourself or the entire site. The metrics are still saved and can continue to be collected (through uploads, APIs, entry forms, etc) but will not appear in Reporting. Click the Show Hidden toggle button to see all hidden metrics.

Apply Changes - changes made are automatically saved but not applied to the reporting data until the "apply changes" button is clicked.


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