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Training Programs Overview

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Training Programs is where you view, create, edit, and schedule training program templates, develop workout sections, rep schemes, and exercise categories.

To view training programs, click the Train tab and then select Training Programs.


The Training Programs screen opens and includes the following tabs:

Assigned Programs

The Training Programs screen displays the Assigned Programs tab by default. These are Program Templates assigned to one or more athletes.



The following six buttons are provided under the ASSIGNED TO column:

  • Log Workout: Allows you to log the results of the workout on behalf of the athlete or athletes.
  • Create Strength Card: Allows you to generate a printable PDF file that can be used to manually log a workout.
  • View Program: Allows you to review the program without making any changes. (You can also log individual workouts from here.)
  • Edit Program: Allows you to add, view and edit workouts.
  • RemoveRemoves the selected assignee from the program.
  • Add: Adds an assignee to the program template.

Program Templates

The Program Templates tab lists all of the program templates that have been created.

NOTE: Click the title to edit a program template. Notice the number of days and any tags for each program.

The following four buttons are provided under the ACTION column:

Assign: Allows you to assign the workout program to one or multiple athletes.
Edit: Allows you to add/remove days or sections to your template.
Copy: Allows you to duplicate the template to be able to create a similar template, and edit the new copy.
Delete: Permanently deletes the template.


The Workouts tab lists all of the individual workouts that have been created.


The following three buttons are under the ACTION column:

Assign: Assign the individual (1 day) workout to an athlete or athletes.
View: Offers a quick pop-up view the of the selected workout.
Delete: Deletes the selected workout.
Warning! Deleting a workout will also remove the workout in any training program template it is listed in.

Rep Schemes  

The next tab is the Rep Schemes tab:


The following three buttons are under the ACTION column:

Edit: Allows you to edit the selected Rep Scheme.
Copy: Allows you to duplicate the selected Rep Scheme.
Delete: Allows you to remove the selected Rep Scheme.

Exercise Categories

The final tab is the Exercise Categories tab:

The following three buttons are under the ACTION column: 

View: Allows you to see the exercises listed in the selected Exercise Category. You can also click on the title.
Edit: Allows you to add or remove exercises from the selected category. 
Delete: Removes the selected Exercise Category.


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