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Create a Strength Card

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A strength card is a printable version of a training program that an athlete can use as a reference on the go or for program logging to then enter into the platform at a later time.   

1. Click the  TRAIN tab and select TRAINING PROGRAMS.

2. Click the Assigned Programs tab and then click the strength card icon next to the desired program.

NOTE: You can only print a strength card for one athlete at a time. For programs that are assigned to multiple athletes, you need to select the athlete from the drop-down list in the assigned to, and then click the strength card button. The strength card button is not available until an assignee is selected. 

The Strength Card screen displays:

4. Use the slider to select the week range you want in the strength card.

NOTE: Print options are available for: single page, one day per page, or two days per page. 
5. Click CREATE STRENGTH CARD FOR <name of athlete> to create pdf printable strength card.

  Example of a single page, full program printed strength card:

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