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Injuries as a Metric (Injury Log Overlays)

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A feature of Reporting is the ability to view injuries as a metric using Injury Log Overlays.

1. For this example, let's take a look at Aaron MacDonald. From the Kinduct Home Screen, click Aaron's profile.


2. From the athlete profile, click the Injury  tab.


3. Below we can see Aaron MacDonald has Achilles Tendonitis. This injury is currently Under Review and is rated at a Moderate Severity. The injury occurred on August 2nd, 2017. Medical_Tab_for_Injury_Overlay.jpg

Now, looking at the Injury Log Overlays within Reporting:

1. Open the Reports tab and select Reporting.

2. Click Add Widget.

3. For this demonstration, a Chart widget is selected.


4. Enter a Chart title.

5. Select Date Range: for this example, "Last 3 months".

6. Select athlete or athletes. In this example 1 athlete is selected.

7. Choose Metrics. For this example, Accelerations is selected.

 8. Under Chart Settings, change the x-axis from categorized to timeseries.


The Medical Log Overlays drop-down selection box now appears:

9. Click the drop-down arrow and select Status and Severity as criteria for what medical logs to display in the report. Remember that Aaron's injury status is currently Under Review and is rated at a Moderate Severity.


Note: You can always select Select all when selecting the Status and Severity of the injury and the report will show any and all injuries.

10. Once all of these fields have been completed. The bar graph will appear like this:

Shown in the chart is a timeframe with yellow shading. This indicates the injury overlay on the Acceleration metric information.

Note: If you click anywhere within the shaded area, additional information about the injury displays. 


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