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Use Formula Builder in a Monitoring Form

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Formula Builder allows you to create a calculated metric within a monitoring form. This feature allows for basic calculations to be added to a monitoring form. The calculations are derived from metrics that are created from the same monitoring form, once all required data is entered.

In the example below, a new metric,  Hydration (Total Fluid Consumed) is calculated from the data that is entered in the monitoring form for Water Consumed and Gatorade Consumed.

NOTE: New metrics that are created from a calculation cannot be used in subsequent formulas within the same Monitoring Form.

NOTE: For newly created monitoring forms to appear in Reporting, Player Dashboards, and Metric Management, a minimum of one complete set of data must be entered and saved by logging a Monitoring Form. Following this, you must navigate to the Admin tab, expand Data Management and then select Metrics, and then click  APPLY CHANGES in Metrics Management. This refreshes the metrics to update and include the new data.

1. Click Collect and then select Monitoring.


2. Click Manage Templates.

3. Click Create Template.

4. Enter a Name and Description.

5. Next to Metrics, click select metrics

6. Select the text field next to the , start typing Water Consumed. When the term appears below the search bar, select Water Consumed. The check box should be selected.

7. When selected, Water Consumed will appear below, next to Template.

8. To add an additional metric, click the Metrics drop-down list, in the search field, start typing Gatorade Consumed and select the metric.

Note: If the metric you wish to add to your calculation does not appear in the list of metrics, you can add your own by clicking +add. Make sure to give the new metric a name and description. When selecting units, make sure it is consistent with other units of measurements. For our fluid consumed example, you can select different units of volume; millilitres, liters, fluid ounces, or gallons.

9. Next to Calculated Fields select show.

10. Select  add calculated field.

11. Provide a label (e.g. total fluid consumed).

You can create mathematical equations using a combination of metrics, functions, and numbers. Each entry in the builder is composed of a token that represents a single component of your equation. 

As you begin typing in the formula field, the builder will show a dropdown menu with suggestions based on the previous token entered. To select a token from the dropdown you can either hit the tab key, the enter key, or the space bar. Additionally, you can click on the dropdown selection with your mouse to enter the token into the formula field.

12. In the next field which is just labelled "...", start typing Water Consumed and when it appears below the field, select the appropriate metric.

13. Enter a plus sign.

14. Start typing Gatorade Consumed and select the appropriate metric in the drop down.

This example should appear correctly as such:

15. When you are done, selectsave template.

16. 'Template saved' will appear.

17. Go back to the monitoring page.

18. Select  new log.

19. Select your newly created template (Hydration) from the Template drop down.

20. Select Group(s) or Member(s).

21. Select the date.

22. For this example, enter your Water Consumed  and Gatorade Consumed. The calculation from the previous steps will automatically provide the Total Fluid Consumed.

23. Add notes, if necessary.

24. When you are done, select save. 

Note: To clear of all of the fields on this screen, click clear.


Pre-defined Functions
The following functions are available for you to use in your calculated fields:
• age
• avg
• cube
• diff
• max
• min
• pow
• previous
• round
• square
• sum
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