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How do I send notifications to athletes to fill out journals?

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Scheduling Notifications

With Form Builder you can schedule flexible and automated notifications to your athletes, including the ability to schedule and send multiple forms. Notifications for athletes to complete forms (log data) can be sent by SMS or email. Use the notifications functionality to schedule multiple notifications per form to different users/groups and on different schedules. Notifications can be sent out on a recurring basis (a daily journal for example), once (a pre-participation questionnaire), or immediately.

To schedule notifications, follow these steps:

  1. From the navigation bar, click on Collect and then select Forms
    The Form Builder main screen displays:

  2. Click the Form Management icon, Form_Builder_Manage_Forms_Button.jpg next to the desired form in the Form Name column and select Notifications.
    NOTE: Athletes must have been granted access to the form before notifications can be scheduled to them.
  3. View information of all notifications already associated with the form and the notification status (Active, Inactive,Complete).
  4. Click Schedule Notification located at the top of the Notifications page. Schedule_Notification_Window.jpg
  5. Click Users_icon.jpg to select athletes to send the form to or click Group_icon.jpg to select groups/organizations to send the form to. The user or group must have been granted access to the form to be able to select for notification.
  6. Enter a Notification List Name and select the Frequency (Recurring, One Time, or Immediate).
  7. For Recurring frequency, set the Time the notification should be sent, the Timezone the athlete will be in, the Days the form should be sent on, and the time frame (Start/End Date).
  8. For One Time frequency, set the Time, Timezone, and Date. To send notification immediately, no other settings are required.
  9. Select Format the notification will be sent, Text (SMS) or Email.
  10. Click Schedule Notification.
    A confirmation displays with the option to schedule another notification for the form or return to forms.Notification_Confirmation.jpg
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