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How do I add metrics?

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Monitoring forms are a means within the platform to log data, much like recording data using Excel spreadsheets except that the data that is entered is automatically available throughout the platform. Simply put, Monitoring forms allow you to create templates with basic calculations as well as a means for Staff/Athletes to log data directly within the platform. Common forms created include: Body composition (Trials & % body fat calculation), Combine/Fitness Testing, Repeated Sprint Ability (RSA) Fatigue Index, SCAT3 (concussion), Yo-Yo, etc.

1. Click the Collect tab and select Monitoring.


2. Click Manage Templates.


3. Click Create Template.


The New Template screen displays:


4. Enter the Template Name.

5. Enter a Description.

6. Select metrics from the Select Metric drop-down list.


  • If a metric is not included in the drop-down list, click + Add to create a new metric. You can add units such as time (duration), length/distance, speed, weight/mass, volume, concentration, force, power and temperature.
  • Manage to display list of existing metrics, where you can update any metrics in the list. Click the metric to edit the fields, click the delete icon next to a metric to remove it. 

7. Optionally, click Add Calculated Field if you want to create a calculated metric within the same monitoring form. Click show beside Calculated Fields if the Add Calculated is not shown.

8. Add Label name.

9. Add metrics (highlighted green shows formula as valid, when highlighted red shows as invalid).

10. Click Save Template.

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