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Conduct an FMS Assessment

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Kinduct's partnership with Functional Movement Systems (FMS & SFMA) allows certified users to complete assessments directly in the platform and automatically build corrective programs based on athlete's scores.

To create an FMS Assessment:

1. Click the Collect tab and select Assessments.


The Assessments screen opens, here you can browse, sort and filter previous assessments and partially completed screens.


2. Click New Screen.


3. Select FMS assessment type.

The Select a Member dialog opens.

4. Click on the members that you want to assess and then click Select.Select_a_Member.jpg

NOTE: Only active users are listed.

5. Notice 6 users selected. When conducting assessments for multiple athletes, use the blue arrow located next to user name to easily switch between users.

6. Select appropriate scores for each movement and enter any necessary measurements and comments. Scores for each movement and clearing test are mandatory for a complete assessment.

NOTE: Click the movement to view detailed information (video, script, scoring criteria, purpose).

Screen details:

  1. Screen Progress: Keeps track of your overall screen progress. You can not submit and review your assessment until the screen progress is 100%.
  2. Score: The FMS score updates in real time as each movement is completed in the assessment. Ensure to complete the entries for pain (+ indicates there is pain while completing the movement and - indicates there was no pain).
  3. Movement: Deep Squat, Hurdle Step, the icon to view detailed information (video, purpose, directions and scoring criteria for each test).
  4. Area to select the Score for each exercise, you must select either 0, 1, 2 or 3.
  5. Indicates the selected Score for the particular exercise, in this example, the user scored 3 for the Deep Squat.
  6. Comments: Leave comments for any of the exercises to provide context for pain indicators or lower scores.

6. Click Save & View Report. 


Note: All scores must be entered for Save & View Report option to be available or click Save & Select New to save an incomplete assessment. The Select a Member dialog will open to start a new assessment screen. An incomplete assessment will be indicated in all history lists - both the individual list appearing in user profiles as well as in the Assessments screen.


7. From the report page, select to Generate a Training Program based on the assessment results or click print to create PDF to download or select to email.

NOTE: The PDF printed report provides detailed findings, objectives, summary of results, and programming implications for each movement.


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