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Configure Report Type

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There are some additional settings that can be changed that can help make reporting easier and more useful. For example, within a report you may want to update all widgets with a different user as well as define the date range for all widgets. This flexibility will allow you to quickly and easily create reports for your entire team.

To configure the report type:

1. Click Reports and then Reporting.

2. Click Settings.


The Report Type window displays:

3. Select a Report Type and then click Save.

Description of Report Types:

Default: Each widget will have individually customized users and dates.

Individual User: Information displayed on all widgets are applied to one specific user/member.

Single Date Range: Information displayed on all widgets are within a specific date range.

Individual User / Singe Date Range: A combination of the last two types, information displayed on all widgets are for a specific user/member and a specific date range.

When selecting Individual User, a new section appears at the top of the report workspace. A drop-down list is now available to select different athletes.


When selecting Single Date Range, a different section appears which shows another drop-down selection. Here we can select different date ranges such as This Season/This Year, Last Week, Last 3 Months, and Today.


By selecting Individual User / Singe Date Range, drop-downs for both Individual User and Single Date Range appear. 


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