Everything you need to know about using the Kinduct Platform

Resource Library Overview

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1. Click the  Resources tab and select  Resource Library.


2. Click UPLOAD RESOURCE on the top right.


3. Fill in Title and Description.

4. Select upload Type: Article, Audio, Form, Image, Presentation, or Video.

5. Choose File (maximum 50MB).

6. Select a Language, which allows for different uploads for different language users.

7. Enter Keywords for searching ease.

8. Promoted? This is future functionality.

9. Rateable? Gives the creator the ability to rank the resource for personal reference only.

10. Downloadable? Gives users the ability to download resource.

11. Accessibility? Determines which roles can view/download the resource.

12. Click SAVE.

Download a Resource

1. Click the Resources tab and select Resource Library.

2. Locate and click on the resource name.

3. Click download resources on the right (the download will start automatically). The download size is shown under the resource Description on the left side of the page:

Edit a Resource

1. Click the Resources tab and select  Resource Library.

2. Locate the resource name and click the edit icon on the right.

3. When you are done editing, click save.

Delete a Resource

1. Navigate to the Resources tab and select  Resource Library.

2. Locate the resource name and click the remove icon on the right.


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