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Managing Scoring Templates

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Scoring is a feature used to quickly view and evaluate an athlete’s wellness by normalizing and weighting relevant metrics, creating a score out of 100. Scoring Templates are used to create weighted categories​ which provides an overall score​. Within each category, applicable metrics​ are added and weighted based on importance to make up each category’s score.

This article shows you how to:

  • Create a scoring template
  • Edit a scoring template 
  • Delete a scoring template
  • View preview of scores for an entire team

Create a Scoring Template

1. Click the Admin tab, click Data Management and then select Scoring.


The Scoring screen listing the existing templates opens:


2. Click Create Template.

3. Select the Score Target Group or individual (who the scoring system will apply to) from the drop-down list. Options include Custom (applies to everyone), Position (applies to the specified position) and individual Players (specific to that individual). With a New Custom Template you can create a unique name, whereas Athlete and Position score templates cannot be renamed.


The next screen is where you begin adding details for the scoring template - adding categories, category weightings and metrics that comprise each category along with metric weighting and metric min/max values. The total of all Categories needs to total 100% and within each Category, the weighting of all metrics must total 100.

4. Enter the first Category Name (example: "Speed", "Strength", "Recovery").

5. Enter a Category Weighting from 0 -100 and then click the checkmark.


6. Click Add to add more categories (most scoring systems have 1-5 categories). A maximum of 8 categories is permitted.


7. Click on each category tab and Select Metrics for each category.

8. Define metrics: Each metric is scored by defining the following:

  • Weighting: a percentage between 0 and 100.
  • Minimum Value: the lowest value that a score will be given, anything lower will be 0.
  • Maximum Value: the highest value that a score can get, anything higher will be 100%.
  • Value: flags whether lower scores or higher scores are better.

NOTE: As the scoring system is defined, the existing player data will be scored and the players are ranked in the table below the scoring system.

9. Once all desired edits are complete, click Save Template to apply the new scoring system.


Edit a Scoring Template

1. Click the Admin tab, click Data Management and then select Scoring.

2. Locate the scoring template name and click the edit icon.

3. Make any changes and click Save Template.

NOTE: A green box with "Template Saved" will appear briefly next to the Save Template button.

Delete a Scoring Template

1. Click the Admin tab, click Data Management and then select Scoring.

2. Locate the scoring template name and then click the delete icon.

View Scoring

1. Click the Admin tab, click Data Management and then select Scoring.

2. Click the edit icon on the right.

This will open up the edit screen for the scoring template. A table is included in this screen displaying the scores Preview for the entire team under the metrics table.

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