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Prebuilt Reports

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Prebuilt reports are included in your platform. Some options can be configured (selecting athletes, group or team and time frame) and produce standard reports. Once generated, the prebuilt report can be exported to PDF for printing, or to a CSV/Excel file. There are many prebuilt reports to allow you to easily access different types of data. Some provided reports are: (but are not limited to)

Team Medical History Report
Total count of injuries and days missed by player and condition.

1. Open the Reports tab and select Prebuilt Reports.


2. Scroll down and click the Team Medical History report link.


3. Select Player, enter Primary Condition, Date Range (optional), and then click Generate Report.

Prebuilt_Report_Team_Medical_History_Screen.jpg Note: Total count of injuries and days missed by player and condition based on entries under the player's profile medical tab. 

Current Player Availability Report
This report lists the current availability of every member within an organization, indicating players status as configured in their profile. 

1. Click the Reports tab and select Prebuilt Reports.

2. Click on the Current Player Availability link.

3. To change a player's status or add notes, click the players status link.


Strength Report
The Strength Report displays 6 graphs prebuilt to demonstrate Strength related metrics and trends pertaining to a single athlete.

1. Click the Reports tab and select Prebuilt Reports.

2. Click on the  Strength Report link.

3. Select a Player and then click Generate Report.


Health Disclosure Report
The Health Disclosure Report provides information on an athlete including condition severity and occurrence date for each injury.

1. Click the Reports tab and select Prebuilt Reports.

2. Click on the Health Disclosure link.

3. Select Player, date range (optional), and then click Generate Report. Prebuilt_Report_Health_Disclosure.jpg

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