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Create an SFMA Assessment

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1. Open the Collect tab and select Assessments.

This takes you to the Assessment list, offering the ability to browse, sort and filter through previous assessments and partially completed screens.


2. Select  New Screen.


Note: For FMS Pro 360 Account users, this will lead to the Assessment page and a prompt for FMS credentials.

3. Select SFMA:

4. Enter your FMS membership credentials when prompted:

5. Select a member:

Note: Only active users are listed. They can be searched and filtered by group/sub-organization via the drop down above the search field.

6. Enter the Chief Complaint in the top text box:

7. Click on the test name to view Video. Additional information may be accessed via the tabs above the video. (example: Objective, How to Perform, Tips, Normal Findings, etc.)

8. Check the appropriate box for each test result:

Note: Tests with Left and Right check boxes must have both a left and a right check box checked to continue.

Main Test Scoring System:
Each assessment of the SFMA must be scored with one of four possible answers:

FN - Functional and Non-Painful = STOP:Do not continue with a breakout of these patterns.
FP - Functional and Painful = CAUTION: Breakout these patterns, but be careful because pain is involved.
DP - Dysfunctional and Painful = CAUTION
DN - Dysfunctional and Non-Painful =  GO:Break these patterns out and treat terminal points.

9. Click next. Continue to check the appropriate boxes for each breakdown test (flowchart)

Note: New sections will become available based on responses. Outcomes will be shown in the Outcomes section at the bottom of the page.

Breakout Flowchart Color System:

10. Enter any additional comments related to the current flowchart in the Comments section at the bottom of the page and click Save Comments.

11. Click next to continue to the next flowchart. To skip a flowchart, navigate to that flowchart and then click skip flowchart in the upper right.

Note: There is no way to return to a skipped flowchart. Skipped flowcharts will not generate a result on the Assessment Findings Report.

12. When you have completed all of the flowcharts, click next to continue to the report.

13. To print the report, click print in the upper right of the report:

14. Click the back button to return to the Assessments page.

15. To view previously completed screens go to the Assessments page and click the view icon.

16. To edit a screen go to the Assessments page and click the edit icon. 
Note: Only incomplete screens can be edited.

17. To delete a screen go to the  Assessments page and click the delete icon.

18. To select a different client to assess while an assessment is in progress, click the client name on the Assessments page and select another client.

Note: The unfinished assessment will be saved as a draft.

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