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Create an Exercise Category

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1. Click the TRAIN tab and select TRAINING PROGRAMS.

The main screen for Training Programs opens:


2. Click the CREATE menu and then select Exercise Category.

The Exercise Categories screen opens:


3. Enter a Category Name (ex: Upper Body, Lower Body Push, Primary Lifts).

4. Toggle the Global switch to enable the desired option.
NOTE: If you have Global permissions enabled, you can toggle the Global tab ON (make the category available to your organization and child organizations) or OFF (make the category private).

You can add exercises that already exist in the platform to the new category that already exist, or you can create a new exercise (add to platform).

5. To search for existing exercises, type the name of the exercise in the "Search" field and then click the search icon. 

You can filter your search by using:
Libraries (e.g. Strength, Performance)
Categories (i.e. previously saved categories)
Body Parts (e.g. Chest, Knee, Legs)
Equipment (e.g. Barbell, Jump Rope)
Type (e.g. Clean, Dip, Jump, Row)

NOTE: Click on the exercise name to view the exercise description and video.

6. Click the add icon next to the desired exercise(s) to add the exercise to the new category.Create_Exercise_Category_List.jpg

Once all of the desired exercises are in the list, you can then further customize the new category using Progression Level & Baseline Exercises functionality. This allows for a trainer to provide options to quickly advance the difficulty of an exercise when delivering programs.
7. Click the radio button next to the exercise to select it as a baseline exercise and use the arrow buttons next to exercises in the category list to arrange the order of the exercises.

NOTE: Click the trash icon next to exercise to remove an exercise from the category list. This only removes the exercise from your category list, it does not delete the exercise from your platform.

8. Click SAVE once your new exercise category is complete. Once the exercise category is saved, you can review and return to editing if necessary.


You can add a new exercise to the platform right from the Exercise Category creation screen.

If you need to add a new exercise to the platform to add to your category:



2. Enter information in the ADD AN EXERCISE dialog. 


3. Click SAVE.

The exercise is now available to add to your exercise category list. 


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