Everything you need to know about using the Kinduct Platform

Assign a Training Program

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1. Click the Train tab and select Training Programs.


2. Click the Program Templates tab.

3. Click the Assign button that corresponds to the program template.



  • select recipients
  • Select the Number of Weeks.
  • Click the calendar icon to select the Start Week.
  • Select the days for the program next to Set Schedule.
  • Click Generate Program.

Review the workout. Here you can add workouts or edit any part of the program.


10. Click SEND PROGRAM to save and assign the program.

NOTE: The training program is NOT assigned until SEND PROGRAM is clicked. Failure to click this button will result in the loss of the program. Program drafts can not be saved. 

There are several buttons above the calendar to change the view of the program:

  • Buttons to change the view of the workouts. You can choose to: compact workouts only, compact or expand for easy viewing.
  • Calendar buttons to show different views of the program. You can view by: day, week, month or full program duration.    
  • Toggle button to view program in full screen.
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