Everything you need to know about using the Kinduct Platform

Overview of the Home Page

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As a System admin, Coach or Sport Science staff member, you are immediately directed to the Home page after logging in. This “Dashboard” view of the team roster(s) provides a “snapshot” of all of your athletes, including their Status and any Scoring Metrics ​that have been set up for specific athletes.Member_Profiles_Home_Page.jpgAn athletes Status is indicated with a yellow or red flag, or no flag beside their name. This indicates a player’s current​ availability​.

No flag: ​Available
Yellow flag​:​ Limited
Red flag​:​ Inactive

The number value in the athletes profile is their current score based on the scoring template selected. A dash in an athletes profile indicates that the scoring template that is currently selected is not applicable for that athlete. All scoring templates that are created can be selected from the the drop-down menu next to “See Scores For”. Scoring Templates are broken into three types: Player, Position, and “Custom”. The first two types may not apply to everyone since there may not be a scoring template assigned for that person or position. In this case a dash is shown as their score.

You can also change the layout of the athlete dashboard for viewing your athletes. Use the icons next to score selection drop-down menu to change your layout (Expanded, List, or Compact).


Athlete Profiles

The athlete profile provides administrators, coaches or trainers a more detailed view of their athletes. The profile provides quick and easy access to Key Metrics, Alerts, and graphical display of Scores. You can also change an athletes status, edit athlete information and view key metrics in detail.


Changing an Athlete's Status

1. Click on the Athlete's Profile from the Home page.

2. On the athlete profile screen, click on the Status.


The Change Player Status window opens:


2. Click on the desired Status tab to change the athlete profile status (Active, Limited or Inactive)

3. Notes can be entered with the status change as well.

4. Click Save.

NOTE: Changing player's status and notes will be shown in the Current Player Availability Report in Prebuilt Reports.

Editing an Athlete's Information

1. On the Athlete's Profile page, select the edit icon.


2. Make any changes to the athlete's information and then click Save.

Note: You can click the arrow button next to the athletes name to select another athlete profile to view instead of going back to the dashboard.


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