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Add and Edit a Relationship

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Relationships define how different user roles or specific users relate to each other outside of the hierarchy that already exists. There are two varieties of relationships: User-to-User and Role-to-Role.

User-to-User relationship is between two members where one member can be granted access to multiple other user's account information. This is useful for specialty coaches and trainers.  

Role-to-Role relationship is between two roles where one role can be granted access to another role's account information. This is useful for groups within organizations. 

The permissions list under “relationships” would then further dictate what a user in these relationships can see/edit.

To Add a Relationship:

1. Click the Admin tab, click User Management and then select  Relationships.


2. Click Add Relationship.  Relationships_Screen.jpg   3. Select the Relationship Type: User to User or Role to Role. 

4. Select the users or the roles respectively.

Note: Ensure that at least one member is associated with a role, otherwise that role may not appear in the list when creating a user relationship.

5. Click save.

To Delete a Relationship:

1.Click the Admin tab, click User Management and then select  Relationships.

2. Locate the relationship in the list and click on the remove icon.

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