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Calendar: Add, Edit and Delete an Event

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ou can view, add and edit events on specific days in the calendar as well as view another members calendar. Training programs are also synchronized with the calendar for athletes to easily view.

To view the calendar:

Click the Communication tab and select Calendar.


To add an event:

1. Click Add Event or double click on the day where the event would occur on the calendar.


2. Select recipient(s) to invite to this event. Events are automatically joint and will appear on both calendars of the assignee and assignor.

3. Select Event Type from the drop-down list (Training, Game/Competition, Practice, Class, Meeting, Therapy, Personal, Testing or Other). The event type will display on the calendar along with the time.

4. Select  Notification Type from the drop-down list (RSVP, Email, Meeting Request, Text (SMS), Online Only). If RSVP is selected, the recipient must specify if they are attending. Note: Large groups may only be notified online.

5. Enter Title, Location and Description.

6. Click the Recurrence drop-down list to choose either None or Weekly.

7. Click the Date field to select date from the date picker.

8. Choose the start (From:) and end (To:) times.

9. Click Save.

10. To change the Calendar View:

  • Use the arrow buttons to scroll month-to-month.
  • Click the Today button to return to current date. 
  • Change the view to month, week or day by clicking respective buttons.

 11. To View another member's calendar:

  • Click Calendar for: drop-down list to select a member.

Edit an Event

1. Click the Communication tab and select Calendar.

2. Click on the event name in the calendar.

3. Click Edit Event.

4. Make any changes and then click Save.

Note: Joint events can only be edited by the event creator.

Delete an Event

1. Click the Communication tab and select Calendar.

2. Select the event in the calendar.

3. Select Delete Event.

Note: Joint events can only be deleted by the event creator.

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