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Edit, Adjust and Print Meal Plans

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Edit a Meal Plan

  1. Click the Nutrition tab and select Meal Plans.

  2. Select a Meal Plan by clicking on the Calorie Count associated with that plan.

  3. In the selected Meal Plan page, click Edit.
  4. Make desired changes in the Generate Meal Plan page and then click Finish.

Adjust a Meal Plan

Only meals in a “Scheduled” Meal Plan can be adjusted.

  1. Click the Nutrition tab and select Meal Plans.
  2. Select a meal plan by clicking on the Calorie Count associated with that plan (i.e. 3600).
  3. From the Menu tab, select a date that you want to make the adjustment for in the drop-down list.


  4. Click the swap icon next to the meal you want to exchange.

  5. in the Change Your Meal dialog, click a checkbox to select a replacement from the listed options.

Print a Meal Plan

Only “Scheduled” Meal Plans and Grocery Lists can be printed.

  1. Click the Nutrition tab and select Meal Plans.
  2. Select the Menu tab or Grocery List tab and click the Print button. 
  3. Use your browser to print the page in the new window that opens.  
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