Everything you need to know about using the Kinduct Platform

Working with Videos

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Mark a Video as Favourite

1. Select an exercise from the Exercise Library.

2. ClickFavourite under the exercise name.

Note: This will place the exercise in the My Favourites Library making it easier to search and locate exercises when building workouts and rehab protocols. The My Favourites Library can be accessed when building protocols or through the Exercise or Rehab Library sections. Example:


Share a Video

1.Select an exercise from the Exercise Library.

2. ClickShare in the exercise.

3. Click select recipients in the pop up window.

4. Click the boxes next to desired recipients.

5. Close recipient list by clicking the X (upper right) or close (lower right).

6. Enter a message (optional).

7. Click share.  The following message will appear: "This video has been shared".

8. Close the pop up window by clicking the (upper right) or close (lower right).
Note: Sharing a video sends a message to the users' Message Center. 

Video Controls

1. To pause the video, select  and to resume playing the video, select  in the same location or simply click on the video itself

2. To change the volume select  and move the dial up or down

3. To view in full screen select  to exit full screen select  in the same location (or press esc on your keyboard)

Drawing Tools

The drawing tool is meant to aid in explaining the videos in person. Therefore, there is no built-in method for saving drawings. To save drawings, screenshots are recommended.

1. While viewing a video, click  OFF  under the video name to turn the tool ON .
2. A new panel will be displayed above the video.
3. Select a tool and draw directly on the video.

Note: By default the black marker is selected with a 5px radius.

The video will stop playing when drawing is started. If the video is restarted, the drawing will disappear. Drawings can not be saved at this time.

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