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Build and Edit a Rehab Protocol

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1. Click the Health tab and select  Rehab Programs.


The Workouts screen opens.


2. Click Build a Protocol.


The Workout Builder screen opens.


3. Enter a Protocol Name.

4. Find Exercises by searching and/or selecting categories from the drop downs.

5. To add an exercise to a section from the list, click next to the exercise.

  • To view an exercise, click the Exercise Name.
  • To mark an exercise as a favourite, view the exercise and click  favourite. This will place the exercise in the My Favourites Library. This library can be accessed when building protocols or through the Rehab Library section. 
  • To add a new exercise to the library, click Add an Exercise.

6. The Protocol section is provided by default as the first section, shown in tab under "2. Add exercises to a section below". Click the edit icon on the section tab to rename the section.

7. Click the + icon next to last tab section to add a new section in the workout.


8. Click in the text boxes to enter values for Sets, Reps, Hold, Rest, and Notes.

Note: Fill in the values for one exercise and click same exercise parameters to automatically fill in the the rest of the section (click clear to clear all).

9. Move exercises up and down with the   Move:

10. Click Preview to review the protocol.


11. Click Save. 


The Workout View screen displays:


12. Review the protocol. You can Copy, Edit, Assign and Print the protocol from the Workout View page.

13. Click Back to return to the Workouts page. You will see the new workout listed in the My Protocols tab.


  • Click the copy icon under Action to copy a protocol, change the Protocol Name, make any additional changes and click save.
  • Click the hide/unhide icon to hide a protocol and change the status to Inactive.
  • To unhide and change the status back to active, click current next to “My Protocols, showing current” above the list of protocols. Locate the protocol name and click the hide/unhide icon.
  • To mark a protocol as a favourite, locate the protocol name and click. This will place the exercise in the My Favourites Library. This library can be accessed when building protocols or in the Rehab Library section.

Editing a Rehab Protocol

1. Click the Health tab and select  Rehab Programs.

2. Select the protocol name on the Workouts page.

3. Click edit.

4. Make any changes.

5. Click save.


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