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Journals are a way for athletes to provide subjective responses to questions posed by Sport Science staff. Journal questions and how they are defined (scoring and labeling) can be customized to your needs by working with your CSM.  

Journal notifications can be sent out to an individual, group or the entire organization via text or email. There are two methods of sending journals to your athletes. Manual notifications can be sent by navigating to Journal Notifications  found under the Admin Tab. Alternatively, automatic notifications can be sent by working with your CSM, requesting a time of day for the reminders to be sent. These journal notifications arrive with a link for the athlete to open without logging into the system, allowing them to complete a journal on their own time.  Athlete journal questions are linked to metrics within the platform that can be reported on or viewed on their player dashboard, as well as in dynamic reporting.

Here is a list of scientifically validated athlete self monitoring questionnaires that are commonly used in a digital journal format: RESTQ-S, DALDA, POMS, McLean Coutts, SFMS, STAI, PSS< MTDS & SCAI-2.

To create a new journal entry: 

1. Open the Collect tab and select Journals.


The Journal Report screen displays.


2. Click New Journal Entry

3. Click Select a Memberand select a member that you want to record the journal entry for.

4. Verify the date and then type in scores or use the slider to select the appropriate score for each journal metric.

5. Click Submit Entry once the journal is complete.

Note: There is a limit of one entry per player per day. Once the journal is submitted, results from the Journal can be found in Reporting.


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