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Generate an FMS based Training Program

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Once an FMS assessment has been completed, a training program can be generated from the FMS Report screen. The generated program is based on the individual assessment results and provides exercises that focus on recommendations from the results.

To generate an FMS training program:

1. Open the Assessments screen: Click the Collect tab and then Assessments.


2. Click the view button under Actions column in the row of the assessment you want to generate a program for.


3. From the FMS Report screen, click generate training program. The Generate FMS Training Program screen opens.

4. Enter a Title in the Step 1: Summary section. and then click Next. 


5. Click show details to display exercise information for the generated program. You can review the prescribed exercises based on the screen result for each movement and then click Next.


6. In Step 2: Scheduling, click the Begin Program box to select a start date, select Days to Workout and specify Number of Weeks. You can also choose to enable Increase Difficulty which will then display the Frequency of Increase text box to enter number of workouts between increases in difficulty.



6. Click Finish. The Workout screen displays. You can choose to Assign, Schedule, Log, Print or open Program Overview from this screen.

 Note: When the training program is assigned to the user, the user will receive a notification. They will then be able to view the program.

The user will be able to log completed workouts, print workouts and watch videos of exercises.

The original assessor/assigner will be able to view completed workout logs.

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