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Log a Workout for an Athlete as Coach

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As a coach or administrator within the organization, once a training program has been assigned, you can log a workout for an individual athlete or for multiple athletes.

To log a workout for an individual athlete:

1. Click the Train tab and select Training Programs.

2. Locate the Program in the Assigned Programs tab.

3. If the assigned program has multiple assignees, you must select an assignee from the drop-down list under Assigned To.

4. Click the log icon next to the assignee’s name.


The Training Program Log for the selected program displays:


5. Click the date to open the calendar to select a date for logging or use the arrow button to scroll to desired day to log. Dates that are not completed will be marked with a red x. Completed dates will be marked with a check.

NOTE: Future dates are not available for logging. Workout logs can only be entered for the current day or previous dates.

6. Fill in exercise details by clicking on any values highlighted in blue.

7. Click the red circle icon,  next to the exercise to mark each exercise as complete. The green check icon,   indicates that the exercise is complete.

NOTE: You can also click the red circle icon next to Mark Workout as Complete to mark all exercises as complete at once.

8. Add notes to each exercise by clicking add notes icon.

9. Once the workout is complete, enter the RPE value (1-10) as reported by the athlete and enter the the Duration (in minutes) that it took for the athlete to complete the workout. The RPE Load: will be automatically calculated. The Training Load is also automatically calculated. 


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