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Release Notes 2018-01-16

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Enhancements and fixes for this latest release are all related to Form Builder. For clients using Form Builder, we have addressed many bug fixes and made several improvements.

Here are some key highlights:


Notification message format: The format for notification messages has been updated to include the Form Name. When email or SMS notifications (recurring, one time, or immediate) are sent, the notification now includes the form name with your organization or sub-organization name. The format is: [Organization name] - [Form Name] e.g. [Kinduct] - [Daily Wellness Journal]. For clients with sites with sub-organizations, such as elite gyms or NCAA, the format is: [Sub-Organization name] - [Form Name] e.g. [Women’s Basketball] - [Sample Journal]
NOTE: The notification message is truncated at 75 characters to ensure that the link doesn't get cut-off in an SMS message.

New slider scale colour: We have added another slider scale colour to provide two options when using a slider element for hydration analysis. You now have the option to add a slider scale that has dark yellow to clear going from left to right as well as right to left. This provides you with the option of using a slider for hydration that aligns with other slider patterns - having “bad” to “good” going from left to right.

Date of logged data: Data that is logged via a form notification will now be recorded on the date of the notification rather than the date that the athlete completed the form. This enhancement will ensure that data from daily journals, for instance, is not affected (overwritten) if an athlete doesn’t submit their form on the same day that they receive the notification (i.e. after midnight). This update will help coaches to better manage data - ensuring information is accurate when generating reports or viewing alerts.

Multi-athlete forms: We have made several usability improvements when logging data in large multi-athlete forms, specifically with row and column alignment when scrolling.


Form duplication: We have fixed an issue where an admin user who duplicates a form (that they have been granted access to by another admin) does not get ownership status to the duplicated form. The original admin user retains ownership and the duplicated form cannot be deleted by the duplicator. This issue has been fixed and the admin user who duplicates a form is now assigned creator/owner status. NOTE: The duplicated form cannot be deleted by the owner of the original form and cannot be seen by the owner of the original form unless access is granted by the new owner.

Notifications for deleted users: We fixed an issue with notifications sending to users who had been deleted from the site. The deleted user no longer showed within the members management page but was still listed in the notifications player picker. NOTE: This issue was only occurring when the notification was set to individual players. If a notification was scheduled for the entire organization and a user had been deleted, the notification was not sent to the deleted user.

Recurring notification schedule: You can now create back-to-back notification schedules for the same form for different days and the second recurring schedule will save the selected days accurately.

Notifications scheduled for 12 AM: Notifications that were scheduled for exactly 12:00 AM were not being sent. This issue has been fixed and any notification that is scheduled for 12:00 AM will now be sent.

Forms with many elements: Forms created with a large number of elements (40+ sliders or 100+ text elements) now save properly. Previously, forms with significantly large amount of questions would not display in the form.

Deleting body map element: The body map element is now completely removed when you delete it from a form. Previously, a form would successfully save after deleting the body map element but then still appear in the form.

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