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Release Notes 2017-11-21

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The following key updates are included in this release:

Data Import for FirstBeat Integration 

FirstBeat has modified their software and the exported file format has changed from .csv to xlsx. We have updated our Data Import tool to be able to accept the xlsx file format, while continuing to support the .csv export file format from FirstBeat. NOTE: You must use the new Data Import tool when using the .xlsx format. If you have not updated your FirstBeat software and your FirstBeat data is exported in .csv format, you can still continue to import the .csv format into your platform.

Colour Treatment of Charts

We have improved how colours are applied to charts when creating reports. This update will enhance the ability to visualize your data when generating reports with multiple athletes and multiple metrics. We have implemented a logical sequence to the way colours are applied in charts to provide consistency and to enhance the readability of your data. A defined order of colours was thoughtfully selected to optimize colour contrast between metrics/athletes and to reduce the likelihood of similar colours being in close proximity. 


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Text Wrapping in Table Column Headings

We implemented text wrapping in table column headings to decrease the column width for longer heading titles. This enhancement improves your ability to view more data within a table. 


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