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Completion of Maintenance Windows

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As you may be aware, we have had three scheduled maintenance windows over the past three weeks that required an interruption in service to you for a period of 2-3 hours on each occasion. These maintenance windows were extensively planned and necessary in order to perform upgrades to our servers. First, thank you for your patience and understanding throughout these maintenance periods - we really appreciate it! Second, we would like to take the opportunity to provide you with a few more details for your information.

Our approach

In most cases, as part of regular updates to our servers, our environment allows us to perform maintenance without downtime or business impact to our clients. For this series, the particulars for these upgrades warranted extra caution, requiring server downtime for brief periods. Due to the nature of our environment and client needs, we staggered the updates over three weeks in order to mitigate the risk and minimize the downtime at days and times that would have the least impact. This staggered approach also allowed time for our infrastructure team to thoroughly and confidently test our environment once the updates were complete.

As you may have noticed, we informed you of these planned maintenance periods with a banner notice on your site. We are now leveraging tools within our system to provide broadcast messages to our clients to assist with the delivery of information in a quick, accurate and consistent manner - ensuring we reach our clients. Going forward, we will be using similar methods whenever there is a need for service notifications, or other information that we need to provide to you.

What we did

These infrastructure upgrades, along with regular security enhancements, also included updates to ensure our platform is robust and scalable - setting up our environment to be able to support future enhancements and features. These upgrades also allowed us to make changes to the way our servers process data in order to efficiently manage periods of high traffic.


We are pleased to inform you that each maintenance period was a success and we were able to return to full functionality under the expected downtime. Thanks to our infrastructure team for their extensive planning and thorough execution, the upgrades went smoothly -  as smoothly as these things can go!

We hope you understand that such maintenance is necessary to help Kinduct continue to improve performance and provide optimal service for you. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback please reach out to your CSM or submit a request.

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