Everything you need to know about using the Kinduct Platform

Account Setup

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Welcome to Kinduct! If you are an athlete with an organization that has a site with us, your system administrator or coach will need to create an account for you on the site. 

Once your account has been setup you will receive a welcome email from your organization inviting you to join the site. Click the link provided in the email to join and create your username and password.


The link will open a page for you to create your account.

  1. Enter a Username.
  2. Enter a Password (at least 8 characters).
  3. Enter your password again in Confirm Password.
  4. Review the Acceptable Use Policy and click the “I agree…” checkbox.
  5. Click Submit.


Edit Profile

Once your account is created, you can update your profile in the Member Update page. From your profile page, click the edit icon next to your name.


Update your Profile section and Contact Information section.

To add a profile picture, click change picture under the picture area. Browse to the image location and select the image. A profile image must be in .jpg format. The ideal image ratio is 2 (width) x 3 (length).


NOTE: If the change picture link does not display, ensure that Flash is set to "Allow" to run on your site. Adjust your browser settings and then refresh the browser page.   

Once all of the desired changes have been made, click Save. You will automatically return to your profile page.


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