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Create a Training Program

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Kinduct’s Training Programs is where you create strength or rehabilitation training plans which can then be assigned to an individual, group or an entire team. Athletes can receive training programs via SMS, email and can view and log workouts using the Kinduct Mobile App.   

From the Training Programs screen you can view, create, edit, and schedule training programs, develop workouts, create rep schemes and exercise categories. For more details read the article, Training Programs Overview.

Here's an overview of the tasks covered in this article to create a training program template:

Create Rep Schemes

At least one rep scheme must be created to be able to start building a training program template. To learn about creating rep schemes, go to Create a Rep Scheme.

Setup a Program Template


To get started creating a training program, click the Train tab and then select Training Programs.


The Training Programs screen displays:


From the Training Programs screen, click Create and select Program Template.

The New Training Program Template screen displays:


Enter a Template Name (example: Beginner Program, Strength Program, Hypertrophy Phase 1).

Type a tag name in Template Tags. Entering template tags is not required, but assigning a tag to the template will help when searching for existing programs.

More than one tag name can be entered. Preset tags may appear as you start typing to select from. To remove a tag, click the X on the tag. The order of the tags is not important.


Add a Workout

Once you have entered the program template information, you can start to add workouts. These single workouts can be built ahead of time and already exist on your site - either created by another coach or trainer and made to share for others or previously created by you and you want to use the workout again to add to a new training program. You can also build a workout from scratch from within the training program template.

Click Add Workout under Day 1


The Create a Workout dialog opens:


Enter a Workout Name. You may also add a Workout note that will display on screen when hovering over the information icon. With Share this workout toggled ON, others within your organization can see and use this workout. Create Workout tags, if you wish, to help when searching existing workouts and then click Create.

To use a workout in your program template that has already been created, toggle the Copy existing workout to ON and select a workout from the Choose workout drop-down list. The details of the selected workout display on the right for you to review. 


You have now created the name for the Workout for Day 1 within your new program template. The next step is to create one or more Sections within the workout to be able to add exercises to the workout.

NOTE: You must add at least one section within the workout.


NOTE: Think of Sections as the specifics of the workout you are creating, for example Warm Up, Correctives, Core, Chest/Back, Series A, Series B, Flexibility, Power Series 1, Power Series 2, AM workout, Afternoon workout, etc.

Add Sections and Exercises

A section must be created to start adding exercises to the workout. At least one section must exist. To create a section within the new workout, click the Add section link or click the menu icon and select Add Section.


From the Create a Section dialog, enter a Section Name, Section note (if desired) and then click Create.


Once a section is created, you can now add exercises to the section. The image below shows two sections added to the workout: "Warmup" and "Series A".


Click Edit exercises to open the Edit Section Exercises functionality where you can search for and add exercises to the new section of the workout. 


The first step is to set your default rep scheme from the drop-down list. The selected rep scheme will be applied to each exercise added to the section. Select a rep scheme that will be used for most of the exercises in the section and then, once the exercises edit the rep scheme for each exercise as necessary.


To change the rep scheme of an individual exercise that has been added with the default rep scheme, click on the rep scheme next to the listed exercise, then in the rep scheme editor, click the Preset Rep Schemes drop-down list to select from existing rep schemes that were previously created. If the desired rep scheme is not listed, click the rep scheme value to manually enter a new rep scheme. You can then click Save as Preset to save the new rep scheme to the list. 


NOTE: If you don't see a rep scheme that you want, click the manage rep schemes icon. This action will open a new window to the rep schemes tab in Training Programs where you can create a rep scheme in your site. Once the rep scheme is created, return to the Edit Section Exercises dialog and click the the Refresh rep scheme list icon. The new rep scheme will now be available in the default rep scheme list. 



You have access to Kinduct's exercise library of over 2,000 exercises, we recommend using the search tool or use the filters to reduce the number of exercises listed by specifying the library, category, body part, equipment or type of exercise. You can view a specific exercise in more detail by clicking the exercise link. To add the exercise, click the + button next to the exercise, it will be added to the workout section on the right. You can drag and drop the exercises within the editor to change the order. Click the X next to the exercise to remove it from the section.

Once you have completed adding all the exercises you want in the section, click Save Section. Continue to build the remainder of your Training Program Template for the number of days you want to prescribe to your athletes. For this example, a 3 day program was created, including Day 1: Leg Day, Day 2: Back Day and Day 3: Chest Day.


When you have finished building your Training Program Template, click Save at the top of the page. You will be automatically directed to the Program Templates tab within Training Programs. The new training program will be listed.


NOTE: Any new workouts that were built within the training program template will be save and listed in the Workouts tab. You will be able to re-use these workouts in other training program templates that you create.  

Next Steps

Once your Program Template is complete, you can then schedule and assign the training program to an individual athlete or multiple athletes. 


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