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Release Notes 2017-10-24

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Kinduct Performance


  • Data visualization: Fixed an issue with the alerts area in the athlete profile where if a value of more than four digits is shown, the value overlapped with the trigger coloration/narrative. The alerts area in the athlete profile has been improved and can now accommodate up to six digits. 
  • Member management: Administrators can now add a new member with an "Inactive" or "Active" status and the status no longer reverts back to "Pending" when saved. 
  • Scales - Weigh In/Weigh Out: Fixed issue with weigh-in session inaccurately recording data (mixing up between weigh-in value and weigh-out value) in some cases with manual entry of scales. 
  • FMS reporting: Resolved issue where users could not generate a report for FMS Team Report and Team Scoring Report.
  • Form Builder slider element:  Fixed an issue with the the page scrolling up whenever a user was moving a slider element when completing a form. 


  • Metrics management:  Removed the second instance of a calculated metric in Metrics Management when the calculated metric is created in a form. With Form Builder, when a calculated metric element is added to a form, the fixed calculated metric, using values from the same form only, is automatically added to Metrics Management once data is logged. However, this calculated metric cannot be edited from the Metrics Management page, the formula can only be edited in the form itself. Previously, a second instance of this calculated metric was automatically added to Metrics Management as an editable version that was unassociated with the form. After valuable feedback, to avoid confusion and uncertainty about which version of the metric to select in reporting (and having to relabel the second version), this functionality was removed. 
  • Member management: Athletes can no longer select "coach" as a position from the drop-down list when editing their user profile. Previously, athlete's were able to select "coach" as a position - which did not affect access/security (labelling and grouping purposes only); however, to avoid confusion and concerns about what an athlete can see if this changes, the option was removed. 
  • Form Builder notifications: We modified how one-time notifications are handled. Previously, a one-time notification that was edited after scheduling would not send, even if the edit occurred prior to the scheduled date and time for sending. Now, one-time notifications can be edited up until the scheduled time and the notification is successfully sent.  NOTE: If a one-time notification is edited and changed to an immediate notification, the option to edit will no longer be available. Also, immediate notifications cannot be edited, the only option for this notification type is delete.

Kinduct Clinic


  • FAQs: The answer field in the FAQ Builder is now searchable.
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