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Integrating with InBody

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InBody Body Composition analyzers use an 8-Point Tactile Electrode System that is equipped with multiple frequencies to accurately calculate a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). It evaluates the body as five “cylinders”: legs, arms and trunk, and gives an analysis of the body as a whole, without using empirical estimations. The freestanding unit is made up of a scale, foot and hand electrodes and a touchscreen dashboard to input data. Outputs of the system include weight, total body water, dry lean mass, body fat mass, body mass index, percent body fat and basal metabolic rate. Helps to monitor changes in the body due to lifestyle changes such as dietary adjustments or fitness routines.

Creating an API Key

To allow the integration between your InBody data and the Kinduct platform you must first create an API Key. Once you have your API-KEY you will need to send both your Account ID and your API-KEY string to your CSM at Kinduct.

To obtain your InBody API key, follow these steps:

  1. In your browser, visit
  2. Click Login in the upper right corner.
  3. From the Login page, enter your InBody Account ID and password and then click LOG IN.
    NOTE: The Account ID used to login will also have to be sent to Kinduct.

  4. After you successfully log in to your InBody account, you will be redirected back to the home page. From the menu on that page, click API Access Key.

  5. If there is not a key already present in the API-KEY field, click Submit to get a new key generated.

  6. Once you have your API-KEY you will need to send both your InBody Account ID and API-KEY to your CSM at Kinduct. To do this, create a text file that contains the account ID and API key, save it, and then send it to the following ShareFile location:

  7. Once you click the link you will be directed to ShareFile. Enter your information and select Continue to be directed to a screen where you can drag and drop the text file containing your InBody account ID and API key.

  8. Contact your Kinduct CSM to make them aware you submitted this file. Your Kinduct CSM will now have an internal Kinduct technical resource enable InBody integration for your organization's platform with the provided information.

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