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What's New: October 2017

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This article provides a roundup of the new features released in Kinduct over the last few months. 

Kinduct Mobile App

The Kinduct Mobile App is now available for download from both the Apple iTunes Store and Android Google Play stores. The Kinduct Mobile App provides the ability to retrieve and review assigned workout programs - making it easy to view, modify, and complete your workout on the go. With the Kinduct Mobile App, athletes can synchronize workout updates with the platform, including the ability to use when offline - storing data on the device and then synchronizing data once online again.

New user interface

Kinduct has implemented an enhanced layout and design featuring a left hand side navigation with more intuitive, clear labels instead of only icons. This enhancement allows you to see where you are in the platform at all times. The combination of icons with labels for main menus and the visibility of the sub-menus makes the way you see and interact with your organization’s data more intuitive and appealing. The grouping of navigational categories has also been changed with this enhancement. 

Form Builder

We released Form Builder to replace and improve the current functionality of wellness journals, monitoring forms and surveys. The intuitive design, improved flexibility, and enhanced usability means users can create, share, and schedule forms for data collection of all types, while also ensuring that all the data is tied to our reporting tools as metrics. Form Builder also includes new form elements, such as toggles, new slider options, drop-down lists, and multiple choice. 

Updated reports

Updated medical history reports for team and athlete are now available. The enhancements to these two reports allows you to generate medical reports that now include all of the information entered in the injury logs of your players.


Kinduct has created an export script and an import script using R-Studio. These scripts allow you to export data from your Kinduct site into a user-friendly data table format and also import data into your Kinduct site. This integration allows for secure transfer of Kinduct data to and from user environments. 



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