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Using the Kinduct Mobile App

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The Kinduct Mobile App is available for download from both the Apple iTunes Store and Android Google Play stores. The Kinduct Mobile App provides the ability to retrieve and review assigned workout programs - making it easy to view, modify, and complete your workout on the go. With the Kinduct Mobile App, athletes can synchronize workout updates with the platform, including the ability to use when offline - storing data on the device and then synchronizing data once online again.

NOTE: Logging out from the app will cause data that is stored locally to be lost. You must remain logged in to the app until you have synchronized with the server if you have been using the app offline.

The Kinduct Mobile App also includes the following features:

  • Notifications for new assigned workouts.
  • Messaging for incomplete workouts.
  • Full calendar view showing events for training programs and scheduled workouts.
  • Ability to revoke access to the Mobile App via the Kinduct platform in the event of device loss.

NOTE: The Kinduct Mobile App automatically updates to your organization's branding once logged in.

Minimum Requirement for Mobile Devices

Apple devices  require  iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPad touch.

Android devices require OS version 4.4 or later.

NOTE:  For Android devices, some older models  and operating systems may not support the application - in this scenario the app will not be found in the Google Play store when searching from an incompatible device. However, the app is currently usable with 7,138 Android compatible devices.

Accessing the App

From the mobile device that you want to install the app on,  go to the respective app store and search for “Kinduct”.

Logging In for the First Time

 You can login to the Kinduct Mobile App with your existing Kinduct platform credentials. In order to successfully log in with the Kinduct Mobile App, the “View training programs” permission must be enabled for the athlete.

The first time you login you will need:

  • Username: This is the same username you currently use to log in to your organization's Kinduct platform.
  • Domain Name:  This is the same as part of the web address used to connect to your platform. This address is unique to your organization. You can find the domain name in the address bar when you log in to the platform from your computer.  Verify with your System Administrator or Client Success Manager if you are unsure.  
    Example from the address bar:
    NOTE: You only need to enter the portion of the address that is before (shown in red) and you do not need to type https or www.
  • Password: This is the same password that you use to log in to the platform from your computer.

Once you have successfully logged in for the first time, you will not have to enter this information again - with the exception of your password, and only if you log out of the app instead of just closing it.

Open the app and follow these steps for the first login:

1. Enter your Username, Domain Name and Password and then tap LOG IN.


2. Tap AGREE to grant the app access to the device.
NOTE: You must select "AGREE" to be able to use the app on your device.


3. Setup Authentication method.


  • To use fingerprint as an authentication method, your fingerprint must be set up on your mobile device.
  • The authentication method can be changed at any time in SETTINGS.

   If CREATE PIN is selected: 

    Enter a four digit PIN, enter the PIN again to confirm and then tap SUBMIT.  

IMG_1489.PNG IMG_1490.PNG

If ADD FINGERPRINT is selected:

and a fingerprint is already setup on your device, no further action is required. 

if ADD FINGERPRINT is selected without a fingerprint setup on the device, the screen displays the option to go to device Settings to add fingerprint or to Cancel and select another authentication method. 


You can choose to SKIP authentication setup (not recommended).

If this option is selected: Tap CONTINUE to confirm understanding of security risk. 
NOTE: If you logout from the app instead of closing, authentication setup must be performed again.


Using the App

Once you have successfully logged in for the first time, you will not have to enter any login information again - with the exception of your password, and only if you logout of the app instead of closing it. For all other instances, you simply open the app and immediately access your workout information.

Each time you open the app, synchronization occurs and a notification displays listing any incomplete workouts for the current day and/or previous days. This allows you to quickly access past workouts that are incomplete to be able to finalize them - ensuring that your program logs are up to date. From the INCOMPLETE WORKOUTS notification, select MARK AS COMPLETE to quickly finalize the desired workout or select FINISH LOGGING to open the program log to enter more workout details. You can also choose to close the notification by tapping the X in the top right corner.



when MARK AS COMPLETE is selected:


Home Screen

The Home screen is the main screen where you can see ALL programs assigned to you - past/completed, current, and future. Use this screen to scroll through your history of programs or to look ahead at your programs for the upcoming weeks.

NOTE: You will only be able to see as far ahead to what has been assigned to you in the platform by your coach.

Use the HOME screen to view:

  • Last Sync information
  • Today's Workouts (listed only, no details)
  • Past workouts
  • Upcoming workouts
  • Status of workouts (complete, partially complete, or incomplete)

The HOME screen shows your oldest schedule first. Scroll down to view your history and upcoming weeks to as far ahead as what has been assigned to you. Tap the “Last Sync” icon to manually synchronize data.


NOTE: Go to the PROGRAMS screen to quickly see today's workouts - this screen opens to the current day's workouts by default.


The PROGRAMS screen is the main screen you will use in the Kinduct Mobile App. This screen provides you with an overview of the current week, last week, and the week ahead. You can quickly see which workouts have not been completed (red icon), which workouts have been partially completed (grey icon), and which workouts have been completed (green icon). The details for each assigned workout is also accessed from the PROGRAMS screen.

Use the PROGRAMS screen to:

  • Open programs to view details for assigned workouts.
  • Look ahead to next week’s assigned programs.
  • Modify load performed for a workout.
  • Finalize workouts.
  • Enter RPE for completed workout. 

The PROGRAMS screen opens to "THIS WEEK" by default. Scroll down to view your assigned programs for each day of the current week, tap "LAST WEEK" or "NEXT WEEK" on top of the screen to view workouts for the previous week or week ahead.  


1. To view an assigned workout, tap the workout in the list to enter the PROGRAM LOG screen.


2. Tap a workout section (e.g Warm Up, Series A) to view exercises in the section.


3. View the prescribed exercises and load for the section. Click on any of the exercises to view description and video.


4. If exercise was completed as prescribed (LB, REPS, REST), tap the checkmark next to the exercise to mark exercise as complete. NOTE: Values change to blue.


NOTE: If the performed load for the exercise was different than prescribed, tap a field to enter the necessary edits (LB, REPS, REST). Edited entries will change to blue. Using backspace to delete edited value will return the original prescribed value in the field and return to grey text (until exercise is marked as complete).

5. Tap the checkmark next to the exercise once edits have been entered or exercise completed. This completes the exercise and all values change to blue.

6. Tap MARK SECTION COMPLETE to complete all exercises. The screen returns to the section list for the workout, showing the Percentage Complete status.


7. Once each section of workout is complete, tap FINALIZE WORKOUT. The RPE entry section displays.


8. Enter your RPE and DURATION and then tap MARK WORKOUT AS COMPLETE. The Workout completed message displays.



The CALENDAR screen provides on overview of the month - allowing you to quickly see all of your workout schedule for the entire month and which workouts are complete, partially complete, and incomplete. Today’s Workouts is also listed at the bottom of the screen as another way to access your latest workouts.



The NOTIFICATIONS screen lists information about new routines that have been assigned to you.


The settings screen consists of configuration options for data synchronization and authentication method. This screen is also where you log out from the app.


The content section is where you can configure when data is transferred to and from the platform.


Authentication Method

This section includes buttons to change the authentication method that was set up during your initial log in. Tap the enabled option to turn authentication off or tap the option that is not enabled to select it as the new authentication method.


This example shows "FINGERPRINT" authentication method enabled.


This example does not have an authentication method enabled.

Logging Out

You can choose to close the app when you are finished using it or you can log out from the SETTINGS screen. If you choose to  log out from the app, you will be required to enter your password the next time you open the app. You will also be prompted to setup authentication again at next login.

Logging out from the app is only necessary if you are concerned about security and unsolicited access to your Kinduct information. In most cases, simply closing the app is sufficient if you have an unlock method setup for the device.

The following confirmation message displays when you tap Log Out Of This App:


Device Administration

A View User’s Authorized Devices link is included in the Member Profile page. When logged in to the platform, a member (athlete) can click the link to view a list of all of their devices that  have logged in using the Kinduct Mobile App. A system administrator is also able to see all of the devices for any of their athletes if the User Devices permission, under User Data is enabled.  The link to a user's list of devices is included in the Account section of their profile when editing a user’s account.

Revoking a Device

In the event of device loss, system administrators can revoke a device from within the Kinduct platform. Athletes also have the ability to revoke access for their own device from within the Kinduct platform.

To revoke a device:

1. Select Edit Profile from the user menu or as system administrator, go to Admin > Members > Edit (on desired member).
The Member Profile page displays:


 2. Click the View User's Authorized Devices link in the Account section.

The Authorized User Devices page displays listed devices in a table format:


3. Click the trash icon or the Revoke Access to this Device link next to the desired device under ACTION column.

The Confirm Device Deauthorization message displays:


4. Click Yes to revoke access for the device. The device will be removed from the list of authorized devices. Or click Cancel to return to the Authorized User Devices page. The device will remain in the list.

NOTE: When a device is revoked, if the app is in use and online, the user will automatically be logged out. If the app is in use and is offline, the user will not know of the lockout until returning to online mode, at which time data will not be synchronized and the user will be logged out.




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