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New User Interface

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Kinduct has implemented an enhanced layout and design featuring a left hand side navigation with more intuitive, clear labels instead of only icons. This enhancement allows you to see where you are in the platform at all times. The combination of icons with labels for main menus and the visibility of the sub-menus makes the way you see and interact with your organization’s data more intuitive and appealing. The grouping of navigational categories has also been changed with this enhancement.  This document provides an overview of these main navigational changes with the new user interface.

The list below provides quick insight into what has changed. Click the links to learn more about the changes and where the function is now located.

Training Programs

Previously                                Now

Training.jpg       Training_Programs_Navigation_Main.jpg


Previously                                 Now

Training.jpg    Assessments.jpg

Journal Entries

Journal Entries has been replaced with the new Form Builder feature.

Previously                       Now

Training.jpg      Collect_Forms.jpg


All of the content that was previously under Rehab, has been moved to the HEALTH tab.

Previously                          Now

Rehab_Programs.jpg             Rehab_Programs_Nav.jpeg


Previously                          Now

Analytics.jpeg           Reports_Nav.jpg

Quick Reports

Quick Reports is now called "Prebuilt Reports".

Previously                       Now

Quick_Reports_Old.jpg             Prebuilt_Reports.jpg


Monitoring has been replaced with the new Form Builder feature.

Previously                       Now

Monitoring.jpg        Collect_Forms.jpg

Triggering and Scoring

Triggering and Scoring has been moved to DATA MANAGEMENT from the ADMIN tab.

Previously                       Now

Triggering_Old.jpg      Scoring_Nav.jpeg

Supplement Library

Previously                      Now

Supplement_Library_Old.jpg       Supplements.jpg


All Admin functionality is now split into USER MANAGEMENT and DATA MANAGEMENT categories.

Previously                           Now

Admin_Old.jpg           Admin_Nav.jpeg



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